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Listen to the story of the YMCA Shakespeare Hut, with extracts from letters written by those who worked and stayed there

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Gordon McMullan and Ailsa Grant Ferguson discuss the Shakespeare Hut
Professor Gordon McMullan of King’s College London, academic director of Shakespeare400 and director of the London  Shakespeare Centre, and Dr Ailsa Grant Ferguson of the University of Brighton, recorded in conversation about the Shakespeare Hut, July 2016.

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Stories from the First World War
Resurrecting the Shakespeare Hut is collecting, recording and presenting the heritage of a unique but forgotten building. Another key part of the project is remembering the local community during the First World War. Audio and visual exhibits recounting local residents’ family memories are currently on show in the Manson Foyer of the School’s Keppel Street site. When the installation closes these histories will go on display at the Camden Local Studies and Archives Centre.

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